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Text or call Shauna Dutton at (406) 240-4297 to schedule personal training consultation and session(s). 

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to get a focused and tailored approach to your fitness. Meet one-to-one with Shauna Dutton to set, revamp, or customize your workouts. Whether you are a beginner to all things exercise or working towards a specific goal, Shauna will collaborate with you to create a safe and effective exercise routine. 

Shauna has a M.S. in Physical Education from the University of Idaho (1993) and is a Certified Professional Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 1993. A former professional body builder, Shauna was qualified by the World Association of Bench Pressers & Dead Lifter (WABOL) to compete in World Championship events in 2005 and 2006. She earned 1st place in the Women’s Pro Division of the Grant Teton Invitational Bodybuilding competition in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 2009.

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