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Group Fitness & Activities

Group fitness and activities offer a variety of workouts to choose from, such as circuit training, cycling class, or kick-boxing. We keep groups small - usually less than eight people - to focus on individual skill level and safety, while the whole group has fun breaking a sweat! It's a great way to try something new or mix up your usual routine. 

Text or call Shauna Dutton at (406) 240-4297 for information about group fitness & activities.

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Learn the basics of kickboxing while strengthening your legs, arms, glutes, back and core all at once. 


Total body conditioning that offers a variety of exercises performed in intervals. Tailor to your fitness level and unique goals.   


Try a low impact yet heart-pumping cardio experience with cycling. Your lungs and legs will thank you. 


Looking for an activity not listed on our site? Let us know! We may already have it, or could build a new group fitness/activity offering!

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