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Missoula Gym Fitness


Spin Class

It's not a race, you can go at your own pace. Cycling for beginners to advanced riders. This class is easy on your joints and enjoy the music during your workout. It's an upbeat class with no pressure.

Circuit Training

Circuit style strength training utilizing free weights, stability balls, tubing, balance apparatus and various other equipment to promote overall conditioning and core strength training. Monitored by a personal trainer, but less expensive due to multiple participants. Minimum of 5 class members.


1 hr 55.00

10 hrs 500.00

2 people 1 hr 85.00

2 people 10 hrs 800.00


1 hr 90.00

4 pack 350.00

1 hr couple 130.00

4-pack couple 500.00

Better nutrition Missoula!

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